Coco Coir fiber for marijuana botany is a by product of the coconut husk fiber after being processed for other uses like brooms, mats, stuffing etc. It is a natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, renewable material that blends nicely with a sustainable organic cannabis grow. Coco coir is relatively new medium used in hydroponic gardens, but has become immensely popular because of its inherent ability to hold the optimal amount of water while letting the correct amount of oxygen to flow as well. Coco coir is an inert hydro medium that is virtually PH neutral which allows for obtaining and maintaining a perfect PH balance for marijuana plants.


Coco Coir and Oxygen in the Root Zone.


Coco coir is slightly different then many hydroponic mediums as it actually holds and maintains the nutrient solution that is delivered to it, yet still holds a structure of perfect aeration for the root zone. This capability makes it virtually impossible to over water coco if the proper drainage is maintained. This fact makes coco coir a far superior grow medium for even the most novice of marijuana growers.


Coco Coir as the Perfect Medium.


Coco coir brings the simplicity and forgiveness of soil grow with all the benefits of growing marijuana hydroponically. This makes coco coir a perfect medium for any size marijuana grow under any conditions with any level of experience for the farmer. Coco can work well inside or out and is vastly superior to other techniques in this realm. If you are deciding to start growing cannabis, on any scale, or are thinking about changing your growing system, this guide is for you. So sit back and enjoy our guide on growing marijuana in coco coir.